About the author

Once upon a time:

I  was born long, long ago in Aldershot, Hampshire.

I lived not far from Fleet as a child.

I have two sisters and one brother. I'm the youngest.


I had two dogs, a cat, a budgerigar, a guinea pig, two hamsters and many mice. Plus a stick insect who came to a sad end.

As a child I was good at:



Day dreaming


I used to HATE:

Beetroot and celery School dinners

Being told off

Being laughed at

Being left out

BIG spiders

Scary dogs

I wanted to be:

As clever as my sisters and brother

A hairdresser, a hermit, Biggles

A poet

Some things I LOVE:

Drawing (anything)

Thinking and hoping

Imagining and writing

Great stories

Friends and family


  and their parents


Author, mother and grandmother, patchwork-sewer, reader and writing workshop conductor.

Home and family:

I have three grown-up children and seven grandchildren.

I live in Hampstead, north London


Exciting plans:

Lots of school visits.

Teaching resources for Something Else.

A new website of work Nick Maland and I have done together.

School and so forth:

Queen's Road Primary (Farnborough); Aldershot County High;

National Cathedral School (Washington DC) ; Wycombe Abbey.

Somerville College, Oxford,  and then MIT for a year.

What I'm working on at the moment:

I'm talking to Nick Maland about a new website for our work.

I'm mulling over a follow-up to Similon about the renegade Chief Wizard Lazarus Logios who cheats death. I'm turning my reading books into e-books (unable to resist the temptation to rewrite them as I go) and creating a website where grandparents and grand-children all over the world can share what they can of each other's lives.  Plus several projects so new I don't talk about them yet.

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