The Boy Who Became an Eagle

There once was a boy who found out

he could fly. Something told him to

keep it a secret. . .

Illustrated by Nick Maland

"This wonderful book has the enduring feel of a myth or a fable and leaves you with a pang in your heart and a sense of loss."

Guardian, 31 January 2001

The wind smelt of far off places and freedom. By summer's end he could fly like a swallow. And nobody knew . . .

"Cave’s prose is as spare as winter and has a restrained icy beauty while it niggles away at ideas of freedom and the need for a home. Maland’s brilliant, detailed drawings conjure up a sense of both claustrophobia and wide open spaces where the imagination can soar."

Guardian, 31 January 2001

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By Kathryn Cave

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A boy flies too high one winter night and falls into the snow at the feet of a travelling showman. Fame and fortune are soon his. But something is missing. Night after night he counts the stars through the window, remembering home. . .

The idea for this story came from the legend of Icarus. In this version cold rather than heat makes him fall: it's a cold thing to be different

from the people around us

and a great gift can cut us

off. I'm glad the boy found

a way back to his home

and family again.

The idea for The Boy

Who Became an Eagle

I write for children of all ages.

I live in Hampstead, London.


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