The Brave Little Grork

This is the Grork.

He is shy and easily frightened.

Illustrated by Nick Maland

"This gentle and amusing picture book provides an invaluable lesson for all children with fears, and the message is communicated through attractive illustrations reminiscent of Sendak’s monsters." Booktrusted

"Hurrah for the brave

  little Grork!"

"This delightful tale, with attractive illustrations, shows how brave the little grork is: depite his anxieties he continues on his journey to the wood, and so confronts his many fears."


By Kathryn Cave

I was the youngest in my family. My brother and sisters were all bigger and braver than me. Most things made me panic (spiders especially). So I know what it feels like to be the Grork.  Now I'm grown up, of course I'm not frightened of anything. What 's that? There's a spider on my shoulder? Aaaaarghhh!

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The Brave Little Grork

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When you're shy and easily frightened,

you have to be very brave. Especially in

the deep, dark wood where the turple lives.

"Ssh," he whispered.

"It might be a turple . . . "

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