Once I was lost in the wood, in the wood.

Then you found me . . .

Illustrated by Nick Maland

"In a lyrical text, Kathryn Cave picks up on universal feelings of shyness, inadequacy, fear of the unknown and the need to be comforted. She also shows how friendship can survive an argument." Guardian, 15 May 2004

Friends cover image - Kathryn Cave author

If you are lost in the wood, in the wood.

I will find you.

If you're afraid of the cold and the dark

I'll sit beside you . . .

"Books like this remind us that there

is so much more to them than simply reading." Scottish Herald, May 2004.

By Kathryn Cave

About the author

Friends make all the difference, in good times

and bad.  We're lucky to

have them, whatever age

we are. And friendship

is as much about doing 

as it is about being. It's

an active thing. That's      what I wanted to write   about here.

About writing  Friends:

That's what friends do.

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I write for children of all ages. I live in Hampstead, London, and I'm available for school visits and workshops.