Henry Hobbs, Space  Voyager

"An entertaining comedy, told in a  deadpan style, which should go down well with fluent readers of sci-fi in search of an unusual angle.

Books for Keeps, March 1992

There are 429 planets in the Known Universe. ( Don't ask me how they are so sure because I don't know and neither does Mr Thomas.) But forget about the interesting ones. I live on Omicron, the smallest and least significant planet known to man...

I am Henry Hobbs, Lord of Michor, and if you'd told me a week ago I'd be writing this diary, I'd have laughed. A week ago this was just my rough book from last term, that they said I'd lost...

"A bright and breezy sci-fi adventure starring Henry Hobbs from the planet Omicron.  Kathryn Cave’s lively and humorous story is complemented by Chris Riddell’s quirky

illustrations." Devon Scool Library Service

Henry Hobbs and the Lost Planet

Henry Hobbs the Lost Planet - fantasy and humour Henry Hobbs Space Voyager image

By Kathryn Cave

Illustrated by Chris Riddell


If life forms exist on other planets, I expect they find it  funny, boring, scary and sad much as we do. On Omicron, life generally happens while Henry is looking the other way or searching for his rough book. But his planet's history is stranger and darker than he dreams.

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planet Omicron

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