Henry's Song

Early one morning, while the forest

was still asleep, Henry woke up . . .

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By Kathryn Cave

It's such a glorious morning, Henry bursts into song - loud and joyful and full of surprises. His singing is not appreciated by his neighbours.

Lift your hearts, your hands, your voices! Please the maker with your noises!

Join hands and join in!

This song's for EVERYONE to sing!

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Illustrated by Sue Hendra


The maker of all things wakes up too.


When it's quiet again, the creatures decide to sing a proper song to put the maker in a good mood again. But  Henry can't join in: he'd spoil it.

Or would he...?

A story for everyone who's been told they're just not good enough to sing, or dance, or play, or join in, or do anything they love.

"That's perfect!" said the maker

of all things. And it was.

About the author

My mother loved to sing  and had a great voice. I remember her making a joyful noise in church, when I was a child.

  We all hang back sometimes when we're afraid we're not good enough.  But who knows how good we can be if we don't try? And let others try too.

What the author says

about Henry's Song

Kathryn Cave lives in Hampstead, London. Her books include the award-winning Something Else. She is available for school visits and workshops.


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