One Child, One Seed

"... this is, plain and simple, a good book. It has a feeling of completeness about it – from pumpkin seed to pumpkin seed, the cycle of life completed so as to start all over again."

Children’s Books Ireland, Autumn 2002

"Here is a counting book that has far more than just pictures and numbers.

Carousel, Summer 2002


ONE child, one seed . . .

TWO hands to plant the seed . . .

THREE ways to help it grow . . .

I wanted this to be a counting book with a story, where one number led on to the next in

a natural way. The wonderful photographs bring the

story to life.

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One Child, One Seed

By Kathryn Cave

All royalties go to Oxfam

Nothando's brother Siphele has a spade to dig up weeds. Their friend Nobuhle has water in her bucket to keep the little plant alive in dry weather. Nothando helps with the hoe.

Illustrated by Oxfam photographs

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Some years the summer rains are very heavy, and the river that flows through Mkandla floods. Too much water is bad for the crops: they rot,

and when the water finally drains away there's

lots of clearing up to do. Women do the work

by hand, with help from the children.

Follow Nothando as she grows a pumpkin, and learn about her life in a South African village ... Stunning photographs and two levels of text help children at different stages enjoy the book:

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I write for children of all ages. I live in Hampstead, London.

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