Counting Sheep

Illustrated by Chris Riddell

Not a counting book as you know it - it's more of a counting adventure. Told in hopeful rhyme, jam-packed with witty illustrations that won't just cheer you up: they'll help you count (anything from goats to ghosts, from pythons to penguins to pirates) all the way to 100.



By Kathryn Cave

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Out for the Count

Picture books

with Nick Maland:

Have you tried these?

Other adventures

with Chris Riddell:

The beach looked like the perfect spot

for Tom to sunbathe. It was not.

61 enormous bears

seemed to think that it was theirs...

61 bears 88 ghosts2

Chris made this more fun than any counting book has a right to be. I hope it's fun to use too.

88 ghosts in a huddle

generally leads to trouble ...


(Count them for

yourself up above.)


There really ARE 61 bears up

there. Just count.

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