Running Battles


"Karen is bossy, bull-at-a-gatepost competitive, and desperately ambitious to get get Olympic gold – for her 11-year-old sister, who is a promising athlete. The elder sister’s aggression extends to all club officials, most teachers and her friends. When she gets on her high horse, she’s as good as invincible. But what she can’t seem to see is that by channelling her drive she might actually achieve something great on her own account.

Told in an infectiously breezy and wry way by Karen herself, this could easily prove a real winner – worth promoting like mad."

Books For Keeps, January 1995

  "I don't need an agent, Karen."

  "Look, I'm your sister, aren't I?"

  "Worse luck."

  "So who's going to look after your interests better than me? You've got talent. You could go to the Olympics. Wouldn't you like to go to the Olympics, Lynda?"

  "Wouldn't mind," she said. . .


My older daughter won a cross country  when she was 11 and joined her local athletics club, like Lynda. For the next eight years I spent a lot of time at athletics tracks. This book was the result. Here's to

2012: to the athletes, their coaches, and the families

who cheer them on.

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Running Battles

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