It was meant to be a simple theoretical experiment. But when Septimus Similon, practising wizard, gets two different dimensions mxed up, the results aren't simple at all. Can Middlesex stand a reality adjustment on this scale? Why does everyone think schoolgirl Alison is the infamous guerrilla Zelda? Will her classmate Kevin survive the alligator tank? And where on earth – or anywhere else – is Septimus?

"A funny, chaotic, wild novel in which the mix of comedy and fantasy is well done."

Books For Keeps, March 1997

 "Terry Pratchett may have dotty wizards sewn up for older teenagers but younger siblings with a taste for fantasy will enjoy this amusing satire." School Librarian, May 1997

In his attic room at 38 Field End Road, Septimus Similon (practising wizard, fourth class) checked his calculations. If they were correct, he was going to surprise a good many people... After fifteen years of dry and tedious study, he, Septimus Similon, was about to make history...

... In the world outside dogs barked, car horns sounded, aeroplanes thundered - Similon didn't raise his head. Two floors below, the telephone rang and rang unanswered. Finally, as day drained away, footsteps approached along the pavement and halted outside number 38. The door-bell rang and, when no one responded, the unseen caller pounded on the door.

  "Similon!" a voice cried through the letter-box. "Similon, you cloth-eared nincompoop, are you there?"

Similon is a mild-mannered  wizard with a face like an amiable sheep. As it happens, he's also the best there is when it comes to the theory of magic. It's heart-breaking for him when things go so horribly wrong. Who could have predicted that,  you can feel him asking, as the boundaries of the real world waver and dissolve around him. He longs to put things right. In a book, of course, I can do this. Which made writing it great fun.

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By Kathryn Cave

Illustrated by Chris Riddell

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