Troll Wood

This is Troll Wood. No one goes there. Will you?

Illustrated by Paul Hess

"This is the sort of book I would have fallen in love with when I was a kid. It's got a great story, illustrations you want to pore over again and again and that edgy something else that will stay stay with you long after you've put the book back on the shelf. A winner all round!!", April 2013

"A sophisticated book for the discerning youngster who appreciates good rhyming and enchantingly surreal illustrations. An exquisite book."  Irish Examiner

"We will."

And they did.

There's a hill in the wood where wild flowers grow. Will you climb it?

"We will."

And they did.

Sometimes we have to leave the road we've been on and set out into the unknown, like the family here: two children, a mother, a father and grandfather. I often think about the person who isn't there, the grandmother. I don't know what became of her but I imagine her speaking to the people she loves. She's the voice in their heads.

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By Kathryn Cave

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Troll Wood by Kathryn Cave