W is for World

" . . . a celebration of variety

and of the unique individuality that brings together the children of the world."  

Floella Benjamin

" . . . a title to widen horizons

and bring pleasure to children

and teachers alike.

Bookseller, 19 June 1998

H is for Home,

the place we belong . . .

. . . The best thing about

home is to have one. It's where we feel safe and

loved . . .

P is for the Peace we need

to work, sleep and grow . . .

About the author

Oxfam allowed me to browse their wonderful archive of photographs from around the world to create a multicultural alphabet. It was a delight to work with them. I hope the book reflects what children all over the world have in common as well as the differences.

The idea behind

W is for World

By Kathryn Cave

Illustrated by Oxfam photographs

W is for World image - books about world by Kathryn Cave childrens author

All royalties go to Oxfam

Peace gives people the chance to work in the fields and walk in the streets without danger. Children can sleep undisturbed and wake up to find the world a safe place. . .

A photographic counting book

with Oxfam:

Available as a Big Book

and as a paperback.

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illustrations by Chris Riddell:

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Anything in blue is a

link. Click and see . . .

" . . . a terrific evocation of

the breadth and wonder of

the people of the world."  

School Librarian, July 2007

A round-the-world alphabet with

spectacular pictures by Oxfam and

two levels of text on children all over

the world

I write for children of all ages. I live in Hampstead, London.