Writing Workshop at Wellington Primary School, Hounslow: 4 June 2013

Writing workshop at Wellington Primary,

4 June 2013


After a few warm-up exercises, the writers  used index cards to compile notes for a character of their own devising: what they were like, where they might first appear in the story, and what sort of story they would fit into. Then they came up with a title. Later on they created title pages and some added a business card for a character in the story. They wrote episodes that revealed glimpses of parallel universes, secret agents armed with lethal weapons, a full-blown creation myth, and much writing that was original, ambitious, honest and moving. Finally, they wrote the last few lines of the story, as they thought it  might be: some narrators came to a tragic end, some lived happily ever after, and some definitely needed a sequel to do justice to the imagination evident in the writing.


To the workshop participants: if you are anything to go by, the writers and artists of the future are on course to produce great books.


Please keep writing, all of you.


Best wishes!


Kathryn Cave