William and the Wolves

Mary had a little lamb.


Not a REAL one: she made him up,

so far as her brother could see,

just to make his life a misery.


It's time for William to get a few friends

of his own. Six of them, actually. Timber wolves. They can live in the garden shed.

Revenge will be sweet . . .

William and the Wolves cover image - Kathryn Cave author

"In this delightfully funny tale with an edge of darkness, sibling rivalry takes on a new dimension.... This is one of those stories that that will absorb young, inexpierienced readers, but will also be a joy to read aloud. Great stuff."

Carousel, Winter 2002

"Lamb bit me. Me!" said Mary tragically, thrusting her arm under William's nose.

  William shut his eyes. He tried to shut his ears too, but that was harder.

"And then he ate Sylvia." That was Mary's smallest teddy bear. "And when I told him to say sorry, he said fliffle Sylvia, he was hungry!"

" ... a warm, witty and appealing book which successfully represents the complexity of family life." 

Books For Keeps, January 1994

About the author

My children were wonderfully inventive when avenging old scores against each other. Imagination can be a great

help in family life. But beware of straying too far across the border between the the

real and the imaginary.  

Wolves are waiting. . .

Inspiration for

William and the Wolves:

"Fliffle Sylvia?" said William.

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By Kathryn Cave

I write for children of all ages. I live in Hampstead, London, and I'm available for school visits and workshops.


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