You've Got Dragons

Dragons come when you least expect it . . .

Illustrated by Nick Maland

"The artful text is packed with wisdom, while the pictures are suitably monstrous without being too scary"

Scholastic Best Books, Oct 2003

"... a must-have for anyone whose worries can sometimes seem bigger than they really are."

Youve Got Dragons cover image - books about fears

"My favourite picture book this year.

Cave entertains and provokes in equal measure... The ultimate message is

one of hope." 

Glasgow Herald, 30 November 2002

Dragons come all shapes and sizes.

They don't all look like dragons.

They don't all mean you harm . . .


No dragon is more

powerful than YOU!

I knew what I wanted to say about dragons long before

I found a way to say it.

In the end the text came through loud and clear.

  I love Nick Maland's dragons. Let's hope the

ones we meet in real life  

are as witty and civilised.

When I was writing

You've Got Dragons:

By Kathryn Cave

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I live in Hampstead, London.

From Kathryn Cave and Chris Riddell