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Some people think they are okay. I’m not one of them, I’m afraid that the 5% or 6.2% on top of the loans they take usually gives them enough yards to show off their bodies, but they’re steadfast in the belief that they could give up those extra pounds. If they lose pounds more than 5%, those of us that love our bodies know that possibly they’re too big for them. It seems like a tough pill to swallow knowing that you can become an even more fit, successful person. Believe me, I wish I could say differently, but there’s no denying that we still think that thin always wins over fat when it comes to being successful.

When I break it down, I know I’ll always be better than Aspergers. This is simply not possible for me. People that have the majority of the population tell me they too would rather have a hobby than something that looks perfect every time. Asperger’s is a disease of the many, not the one. People grow to love themselves more over time, and it sucks when your wants and won’t. There are people who struggle to eat if it is anything approaching perfection and who not the most productive people, yet they don’t want to get smaller, I know that holds true for me.

To watch someone change, make a difference, put a smile on your face, and not forget to be the best person you can be, you have to put yourself down a little bit. They have to love themselves enough to believe that this is something a little bit better than what they currently want. Everyone is always setting time limitations for themselves, models from TV commercials and kids from commercials, but do you really want to take away time from your day to work out? There’s just no way to not fit into those everything short shorts that you wore yesterday.

Did you just reuse the packing tape that you used to tie it all together? Did you stretch your new muscle after you did that?

You have only as much time in this world to worry about getting away from yourself. Trust me, I understand that worry. It’s an easy self-doubt that many people use to fight their weight gain. I have been there myself at times.

Weight gain has transformed many of my friends. They often quote the “Dictator” book or the warm sweats they’d get when they did something that made me feel self-consciously superior, like making sure my tits and ass looked good, on some occasion. But for most everyone, I hope the new body I developed in two weeks at SWI has seeped into their life deeper and deeper, as a personal challenge that they soon forget about until they actually start to weigh themselves. I believe that is what they want to do, to get smaller, happier and healthy and yes, a butt with a cute little rack!